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We provide variety of professional solutions for mobile network providers to spice up your business.

Here you can read about these solutions and how they can bring power to your system.

  • Revenue Operations Center
    • ROCWare – ROCware is our award-winning business response platform that harnesses the wealth of operational data you have, transforms it into actionable information, and then lets you act on it – all in near-real-time.
    • Revenue Assurance – ROC Revenue Assurance detects the symptoms of leakage, prevents incidents before they reach the customer bill, accelerates resolution times, and enables Revenue Assurance teams to align their successes with broader organizational goals – such as higher margins and customer satisfaction.
    • Fraud Management – ROC Fraud Management is built to drive fraud prevention by eliminating known frauds, uncovering new fraud patterns, minimizing fraud run time, augmenting internal controls, and supporting continuous fraud management process improvement.
    • Credit Risk Management – ROC Credit Risk Management System empowers operators to continuously assess and mitigate risk presented by subscribers throughout their lifecycle.
    • Cost Management – ROC Cost Management is a state-of-the-art Revenue Management, which helps service providers effectively monitor and manage the cost of services. ROC Cost Management collects and analyzes information from multiple sources, such as switch, inventory, billing, partner invoices, and financial systems.
    • Partner Settlement – ROC Partner Settlement allows operators to quickly and accurately settle charges with their network and content partners. It helps operators improve efficiency through light touch and automation, accurate billing and settlement and prudent accrual provisioning.
    • Route Optimization – ROC Route Optimization is designed to provide operators with tools to manage network cost information supplied by other operators. Additional analysis on the impact of current operator tariffs as well as forecasts on potential future operator tariffs is also featured. The system is capable of taking into account factors, such as call quality, rate information, capacity, and network costs to arrive at the optimum choice of operators.
    • Data Integrity Management – ROC Data Integrity Management is the industry’s first Data Integrity Management solution for improving the quality of data that drives key service provider processes, resulting in lower costs and higher service profitability.
  • Value Added Services (VAS)
    • Pushmail solution – In today’s fast-paced world, mobility is everything; receiving emails via mobile phone is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Understanding this, we’ve developed mail solutions that rede­ne accessibility and ease of use.
    • Location Based Services – Location Services use the (geographical) location of mobile user equipment to offer a range of value added services to consumer and enterprise users.Location Based technologies offer MNOs the opportunity to deliver contextual services. As such services are specifically orientated towards the position of the mobile handset it enables MNOs to provide services that are more targeted and effective.
    • Magic Voice – Magic voice is a product using which users can change their original Voice into multiple other voices and while speaking to their friends on phone. This product has been developed using cutting edge voice and telecom technology to achieve seamless change of voice, over a call.
    • Pay4Me – Pay4Me is an innovative solution to everyday prepaid credit problems. Easy-to-use, Pay4Me is available to all end-users on the same network or partner networks, on all phones, from any location, even when the person has no credit. The service is a popular way to connect family members, close friends and employees, while building loyalty.
  • Enterprise Solutions
    • EDW & Business Intelligence – While many data warehouse initiatives focus on the toolset selection and not on extracting, we focus on transforming and loading data into the most appropriate format aimed at performance and ease-of-use.
    • Loyalty – In existing competitive markets, Loyalty management is a main focus area, and one that can no longer be unprofitable. Our approaches to Loyalty solutions integrate technological and consulting support, making loyalty profitable and successful for Mobile, Fixed and Internet communications.
  • Integration Solutions
    • Mobile Commerce – Mobile Commerce, also known as M-Commerce or mCommerce, is the ability to conduct commerce using a mobile device, such as a mobile phone, a PDA, a smartphone, or other emerging mobile equipment such as Dashtop Mobile Devices.
    • Telco System Integration – Telecom Industry worldwide has moved away from its traditional nature of enabling voice connectivity. The rapid developments in different technologies, convergence and the burgeoning subscriber base, especially in the emerging markets are boosting Telecommunication Service Providers to transform into Communication Service Providers (CSPs).
  • BMS
    • Based on new building needs and customers, Building Management System run in order to:
      • Control the building Electric power
      • Control the PA system
      • Performing Access Control
      • Control Lights, Elevators
      • Performing Fire Alarm System
    • By running the BMS, customers can have:
      • Good control of internal comfort conditions
      • Increased staff productivity
      • Improved plant reliability and life
      • Save time and money during the maintenance